Our philosophy

The most important issue today is to have good quality at the specified delivery date and delivered in accordance with instructed specifications! Our organization is working hard to achieve this goal. Over the years we have built up a long experience in countries like China and India. In the last 15 years we have selected only the best factories which were able to meet our standards in terms of quality and production control. We are constantly investing in new computer support to enable us to control and “trace and track” our pending orders. We must also pay special attention to all additional details like labels, price tags, barcodes, sew in labels, set packing, etc. We have a computerized production control system to help us.

Our buying offices keep us informed on a daily basis on the current status of the orders and they control the quality of the goods shipped to us and to our customers. We work in accordance with the latest standards where it concerns the law (child labor, minimum wages, environmental issues etc.) and also the eco friendly production of our goods (AZO and PCP free). Also we control our quality by testing our merchandise on color fastness, flammability, rubbing fastness etc. A supplier to MPD Accessories is one of the best in this field. Together we hope to achieve our mutual goal: a satisfied customer.

Supplier download section:

If you are already a supplier of MPD Accessories, you can click on the “Download” button to download our manuals and other valuable information. If you are not a supplier of MPD Accessories, please contact us by filling out a contact form here.